Mesmerize, magnetize, and
monetize with PixToon

Let your brand get the recognition it deserves through
the magic of video animation.

Pixtoon works out a master plan for you and your
brand ideas in record time without breaking the bank.

IET - Help Santa To Save the North Pole!
FCB Visa Firsty Card
Piggy - Christmas Story
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Focus on triggers

Unlock the potential of your video marketing with triggers. It’s time to harness the power of psychology and captivate your audience with every video you produce by creating an engaging and memorable experience for them.

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Trusted by enterprises

Creating worlds and characters that are unique
to our clients’ brands

994 projects
Our expertise 360 degrees

We’re an animation studio dedicated to creating 2D and 3D videos, geared towards increasing and expanding market reach for various customers and their products, in a short amount of time and at most affordable prices.

Brand mascots we brought to life!
Microinvest Family
Sebo Cat
Storck Mascot
ClickPay Fish
Christmas Piggy
Starnet Team
CreditUsor Lion
3D vertical videos

Vertical videos are the latest craze, optimized for mobile and more engaging than horizontal videos. Our latest video explains why it's essential to stay up-to-date with video marketing evolution. Check it out now!

through animation

We don’t just tell stories for people to remember. We hypnotize and mesmerize them, and leave them asking for more.

Take a look at the different worlds and the characters we’ve created throughout the years – always tailored to meet every brand’s expectations.

Energy5 - Electric car charging solutions
Energy5 - Electric car charging solutions
FreeParx App
The Mindi Family
Linia H2O - Happy 2020 New Year
Cloudwise Composition
Microinvest - Loans up to 200 000 mdl pt.1
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The dream team

We are a team of passionate professional creatives who’ve come together to craft top notch commercials and explainer videos that elevate your brand.

In short, we learn all about you, your business, and your audience before we breathe life into the characters that we bring to the screen.

Golden Prize
Golden prize 2021
Muse Creative Award
16 years of experience
providing entertaiment
We create dozen of
characters created
More than 1000 projects
5 reasons to opt for
an animated commercial
Move beyond borders and travel to any corner of the world without leaving the comfort of your home. Or better yet: create your own world
Save money!
Save money by not hiring a team of directors, actors, and makeup artists involved in video production.
No limits!
Create limitlessly by having characters that have superpowers. No limits. None.
Save time!
Save time by avoiding long, wasted hours working on set with a demanding film crew
Create unique characters
that stay true to the brand.